Quest: In Pursuit of the Faceless (Good Path)

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You'll receive this quest after defeating the vampire Orbakh in his inner sanctum (#1).


Orbakh will transform into a mist once you've defeated him, and he'll retreat to his sarcophagus (#2). However, when you follow him there, you'll discover that you don't have any way to kill him, and Rinara won't magically produce any Wooden Stakes this time. To create your own Wooden Stakes, you'll just need to click on the two candelabras in the room (#3), which will break them apart and give you enough pointy objects to get the job done.

When you stake Orbakh, he'll disappear, but you won't find the mask that he claimed was in his possession. However, at the same time, Tasheni (Mantides' former lover) will show up and brag that she has the mask -- and then she and the two vampires with her will attack you. These vampires won't be nearly as difficult as Orbakh was, and when you finish them off, you'll find The Sly Blade, Studded Leather Armor +4, a Duskwood Light Shield, and more on their remains. You'll also receive 3000 xp for finishing off Orbakh.

Unfortunately, when you put on the mask that Tasheni had, you'll discover that it doesn't have any powers, and so you'll be back where you started. But when you leave the inner sanctum (via Exit A), a woman named Elandra will command you to put on your Domino Mask, go to Undergate, and "see with my eyes." This is covered in the quest entry for The Curse of the Mask.

1 - Orbakh

2 - Sarcophagus

3 - Candelabras

  1. Portal back to the Catacombs beneath the Brother Tobias Winery.