Side Quest: The Brotherhood of the Ferret

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You'll meet the con artist Ding Thrush in the Arena District (#1). He'll try to sell you all sorts of fake items, but if you click on the hamster cage next to him, then you'll notice a butterscotch-colored hamster in the corner, and you'll be able to buy it (after listening to Thrush's story about Minx and Bloo). If you then activate the hamster in your inventory, it will point you to a pile of garbage to the north (#2).

When you click on the garbage, you'll notice a hole in the ground, which will lead you to a small cave containing several hostile ferrets. After the battle, the hamster will start making chewing motions, and it will point at a tree. If you eat a berry from the tree, you'll suddenly see your hamster in its true (and much larger) form, and you'll be able to talk to it. The hamster will then introduce itself as First Guardian Reet, and it will give you this quest.


Reet will tell you that the Brotherhood of the Ferret is intent upon bringing Mintak, Ravager of Rhodentkind, into the mortal realm, and that if this calamitous event were to take place, then Mintak would "gnaw its way through Westgate's very heart" and eventually spell doom for all of Toril.

You'll find the Brotherhood of the Ferret in the Ritual Chamber to the north (#3). To get inside, your entire party will need to be wearing black robes. You can buy Black Cowled Robes from the drow merchant or the Dark Lady's Promise in Undergate, or from the druid merchant in the Market Triangle. The robes will only cost you 1 gp each.

Note: After entering the Ritual Chamber, you can return to your regular armor at any time, and nobody will notice.

Inside the Ritual Chamber, you'll encounter several Brotherhood Cultists and a Grand Whisker. No matter what you say to the Whisker, he'll begin summoning Mintak, and he'll ask you to eat a sacred berry. If you comply, then Reet will appear, and he'll kill Mintak and the cultists. If you refuse, then Mintak and Reet won't appear, and you'll have to kill the cultists yourself.

After the battle, you'll find a Ring of Protection +3, a Staff of Command, and more on the corpse of the Whisker. If you ate the berry, then Reet will thank you immediately for your help, and he'll name you "hamster-friend." You'll also earn 1500 xp. If you didn't eat the berry, then you'll need to return to the garbage hole (#2) and eat a berry there to talk to Reet and get your reward.

1 - Ding Thrush

2 - Garbage

3 - Ritual Chamber