Quest: Assassination Games

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You'll receive this quest from Obid Teltas (in the Morningstar Haven in the Arena District) after completing the quest Hounds in the Night.


Obid will tell you that the City Watch recently had to release a known Night Mask assassin because the assassin's family was able to pull a few strings. When you discuss this matter with Captain Fennesh in the City Watch barracks (#1), he'll fill in a few more details about the story, and he'll ask you to follow the assassin and see what he does next.

You'll find the assassin, Darius Falgor, in the Bent Mermaid Inn (#2). When you get close to him, you'll have to make a decision -- to confront him directly (which will gain you influence with Charissa) or to eavesdrop on him (which will cost you influence with Charissa). However, if you confront Darius, he won't say anything, and so either way you'll have to sit at the nearby empty table and wait for him to leave.

When you follow Darius out of the Bent Mermaid Inn, you'll automatically travel to the Cormaeril Company Sheds (Exit A). Inside, you'll discover that Darius and the other initiates -- now including you -- are about to be tested by the Night Masks, and that the only way to be "promoted" is to survive long enough to make it to the exit (Exit B). This test will involve you defeating a few assassins (#3, #4, #7) and surviving some traps (#4, #6), and so it's a good idea to rest first before going in.

After surviving the test, when you return to Captain Fennesh, he'll reward you with 300 gp. Then when you return to Obid, he'll reward you with 1250 gp and 2000 xp.

1 - City Watch Barracks

2 - Bent Mermaid Inn

3 - Darius

You'll face a few Night Mask assassins here. When you loot the corpses (including Darius'), you'll find an Adamantine Longsword, a Sling +3, and more.

4 - Variak

Variak will be protected by an acid trap that will damage you as you attack him, so it's a good idea to finish this battle as quickly as possible. When you loot Variak's remains, you'll find an Adamantine Short Sword, a Chain Shirt +2, a key (in a separate bag), and more. The key will allow you to unlock the door to the east (#5).

5 - Locked Door

6 - Fireball Trap Room

The fireballs will explode in sequence using a counterclockwise path through the room, so if you're careful then you can follow behind the fireballs and avoid taking damage.

7 - Fire Knife Instructor

The instructor will drop a Fire Knife Medallion and more when he dies.

  1. Warehouse entrance.
  2. Warehouse exit.