Side Quest: Okuzo's Honor

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You'll receive this quest from Okuzo in Okuzo's Imports in the Harbor Loop (#1).


Okuzo will tell you that she's been having trouble with House Urdo. Apparently, Dallia Urdo has decided that she should own Okuzo's Imports rather than Okuzo, and as a result she has been trying to strong-arm Okuzo into selling. Okuzo will inform you that she has no intention of doing this -- ever -- and she'll ask you to talk to Dallia.

You'll find Dallia at the Urdo Household in the Market Triangle (#2). After convincing the door guard to fetch her, Dallia will come out, but she won't think much of you -- or "that little foreign woman" Okuzo, either -- and, after insulting you for a bit, she'll order you to deliver a message to Okuzo: sell or else. Okuzo won't be surprised by this message, but she'll thank you for your effort, and you'll earn 150 gp.

After exiting and returning to the Harbor Loop, the next time you enter Okuza's Imports, you'll find the place overrun with giant spiders. After eliminating the menace, Okuzo will pay you 100 gp if you ask for a reward, and then she'll tell you that Dallia sent the spiders in fake packages. You'll have two options for what to do next, either tell the City Watch what's going on or play a prank on Dallia:
  • City Watch. For this case, you'll just need to take the invoice from the packages to Captain Fennesh in the City Watch Barracks in the Arena District. He'll agree to look into the matter, but he won't sound enthusiastic or optimistic.

  • Prank. For this case, you'll need to deliver some tainted perfume to Dallia. However, the door guard will recognize you when you arrive, and he won't automatically accept your "gift." If you're not skilled in bluff, diplomacy or intimidation, then you'll have to bribe the guard 100 gp to take the perfume off your hands. Regardless, the prank will work, and Dallia and her bodyguards will come running out of the house, gagging and choking.
Either way, when you report in to Okuzo, she'll be happy with your work, and you'll earn 225 xp. But then after once again exiting and returning to the Harbor Loop, you'll find Okuzo's shop vandalized, and her statue of Kochi desecrated. Ozuka will be incensed, and she'll decide that the only way to settle the matter with Dallia is to challenge her to a duel.

At this point you'll have to make another decision. If you let Okuzo attempt the duel on her own, then she'll kill Dallia but be killed by Dallia's bodyguards, and you'll only earn 150 xp when you hear the story from the House Urdo door guard (#2).

If you accompany Okuzo to the duel, then Okuzo will still kill Dallia, but for this case the bodyguards will attack you, and you'll find Full Plate, Boots of Striding +2, a Ring of Merchant Rule, Salamander Hide Armor and more when you loot their corpses. You'll also earn 1125 xp.

Afterwards, if Okuzo is still alive, then she'll either return to her shop and continue to function as a shopkeeper (if you went to the City Watch before), or she'll leave the city for good, and her shop will remain empty for the remainder of the campaign (if you played the prank).

1 - Okuzo's Imports

2 - Urdo Household