Quest: Hunt for a Token
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You'll receive this quest from Pentical Bleth (in the Market Triangle Tower) at the same time that you receive the quest The Mysterious Kajeel.


In order to figure out who Kajeel is, you'll need to visit his establishment in Undergate, but to be allowed inside, you'll need to acquire a special token. Pentical Bleth won't have any idea about where such tokens can be found, but she'll recommend that you "speak with your contacts," by which she means the Church of Lathander or the Ebon Claws.

Church of Lathander

When you ask Obid Teltas (in the Morningstar Haven in the Arena District) about the tokens, he'll introduce you to an initiate named Beylia, who once frequented Kajeel's establishment. When you ask Beylia if she still has a token, she'll stammer a bit, but then Obid will answer for her and announce that of course she gave up her tokens when she joined the church.

If you follow Beylia to her chamber on the northern side of the haven, and press her for the truth, then she'll eventually admit that she has a token. To get it from her, you'll have four options -- diplomacy, intimidation, bribery, or a threat -- but really, just about any dialogue choice you make during your conversation with Beylia will lead to her giving you the token. When that happens, you'll also receive 2000 xp.

Note: You'll lose influence with Charissa and Rinara if you purchase the token from Beylia.

Ebon Claws

When you ask Altama (in Sods and Sundries in the Harbor Loop) about the tokens, she'll tell you about a lizardfolk shaman who preys on the people of the Harbor Loop, but who concentrates on their flesh rather than their possessions, and so she'll suggest that you might be able to find a token at his home, which she'll then mark on your map. However, she'll warn you that the shaman often stays in his home during the day, and hunts at night, and so she'll recommend that you visit his home during the night.

When you reach the lizardfolk shaman's home, if it's daytime then you'll meet a halfling named Raphael out front. If you're feeling a little bit evil, then you can convince Raphael that the shaman's home is a tourist attraction, which will cause him to go inside and "distract" the shaman. However, Charissa will disapprove of this tactic, and you'll lose influence with her.

When you enter the shaman's home, if he's there then he'll confront you, and you'll have to fight him (or come back later and try again). For this case you'll gain influence with Charissa and Mantides but lose influence with Rinara. If you enter the shaman's home when he's not around, then you won't have to fight anybody, and you'll gain influence with Rinara but lose influence with Charissa.

Regardless of the approach you take, once you're able to explore the shaman's home, you'll find the token in a trapped chest in a trapped room. When you pick up the token, you'll gain 2000 xp and complete the quest.

Note: When you loot the token, be sure to loot it with your main character. Otherwise you won't receive the 2000 xp quest reward.