Companion Quest: Rinara's Fortune

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You'll receive this quest when you talk to Rinara after dealing with Fulgrim in the Harbor Loop.


Rinara will admit that she used to be a Night Mask, but other than a few people recognizing her, nothing much will come of this revelation until later in the game, after you've triggered the quest Finding a Ship -- and discovered that you'll need to raise 40,000 gp in a hurry. At that point, the next time you enter the Arena District, Rinara will stop you and tell you that when she left Westgate before, she wasn't able to retrieve her stash, and she'll ask you to help her collect it now.

You'll find Rinara's stash in the Vhammos Mausoleum in the Arena District. When you click on the doorway to the mausoleum, Rinara will announce that this is a job for two people only, and so anybody else in your party will have to leave. Provided that you agree to this, Charissa and Mantides (if they're with you) will return to the Black Eye Tavern in the Harbor Loop.

Inside the mausoleum, you'll meet the ghost of Greely (#2), the former caretaker of the mausoleum, but he won't be happy to see you, and he'll send a pair of Vhammos zombies to attack you. Afterwards, Rinara will reveal the truth -- that she set up Greely as the fall guy when she robbed the mausoleum before, and so he has every right to be mad at her.

As you progress through the mausoleum, you'll encounter Greely two two more times (at #4 and #5), and each time he'll send more Vhammos zombies at you. He'll also keep mentioning Lily, and he'll blame you that she is succumbing to the ravages of time.

Note: It's possible that the corpses will infect you with a disease. Resting can fix a lot of things, but not always diseases, and so you might have to wait until you're back with Charissa to be fully restored.

Eventually, you'll come to the end of the mausoleum, and Rinara will collect her stash from the chest of a corpse (#6). She'll then reward you with 1000 gp and 2250 xp, and that will complete the quest. However, before leaving the mausoleum you might want to restore Lily. To do this you'll need to pick up the Fresh Mummy Wrappings (#3) and Preservation Fluid - B (#7), and use them on Lily's sarcophagus (#3). This will appease Greely and earn you 500 xp.

But you won't quite be done yet. When you leave the mausoleum (via Exit A), you'll encounter Viglor, Rinara's former partner, plus a trio of Night Mask thugs. Viglor will demand the gold you just picked up, but it won't make any difference what you say to him. He'll attack you no matter what.

After the battle, you'll receive 750 xp, and Rinara will give you another cut from her stash (the exact amount will depend on your influence with her). You'll also find Bracers of Bruising, Angurvadal (Flame Tongue), an Amulet of Will +2, and more on Viglor's corpse.

1 - Basket

Inside the basket you'll find Fresh Mummy Wrappings.

2 - First Meeting with Greely

3 - Lily's Sarcophagus

4 - Second Meeting with Greely

5 - Third Meeting with Greely

6 - Sarcophagus

7 - Preservation Fluid

  1. Exit to the Arena District.