Side Quest: Cloak of Mysteries

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You'll receive this quest from Garrett the Bold in the Arena District (#1).


Garrett will tell you that he's learned of a ritual that will transport him into an abandoned temple of Leira, the Goddess of Illusions. However, he'll add that while he expects to find many treasures inside, he's worried that there might also be dangers, and so he'll ask you to accompany him and protect him. To cement the deal, he'll offer to let you keep all of the treasures contained in the temple -- except for one, which he'll decline to describe. If you agree to this deal, then Garrett will lead you to the west (#2), where he'll perform the ritual.

When you enter the temple (#3), you'll be greeted by a spirit of a priestess, who will ask you to leave. Garrett won't think much of the spirit -- "I didn't quite get the tragic tortured soul vibe from her, you know?" -- and he'll finally reveal that he's looking for an artifact called the Cloak of Mysteries. Regardless of what you say to Garrett about the cloak, he'll start following you.

To make your way through the temple, you'll have to touch special shimmering pools of mist. These pools will teleport you to other pools. The layout of the pools is shown on the map at the top of the page. You won't have to fight anything while you're exploring, but you'll encounter plenty of traps and locked doors, which Garrett and Rinara should be able to handle.

Eventually you'll come to the end of the temple (#4), and the spirit of the priestess will materialize again. Just like before (#3), it will ask you to leave. If you decide to comply with its request, then Garrett will charge into the central chamber (#5) and get himself killed. When you enter the chamber yourself (either with or without Garrett), you'll discover that a giant ogre named Skyrim Bloodfang was using the Cloak of Mysteries to create the illusion of the spirit. Skyrim and his cronies won't be happy to see you, and they'll attack.

The battle with Skyrim shouldn't be too tough, even if you don't have Garrett with you. Afterwards, if Garrett is still alive, then he'll demand the Cloak of Mysteries as his share of the loot. If you agree to give it to him, then he'll leave peaceably. Otherwise he'll attack you, and probably die pretty quickly.

When you loot the corpses, you'll find a Greatsword +1 and possibly the Cloak of Mysteries on Skyrim's remains. If you killed Garrett, then you'll find a Short Sword +1 on his remains. You'll also receive 500 xp at the end of the quest.

1 - Garrett the Bold

2 - Ritual Spot

3 - Starting Location in the Temple / Spirit Encounter

4 - Second Spirit Encounter

5 - Central Chamber

  1. Exit to Undergate.