Quest: Descent into Darkness

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You'll receive this quest when you enter the catacombs beneath the Brother Tobias Winery.


Inside the catacombs, you'll encounter a variety of undead creatures, including ghasts, skeletons, and wraiths. If you have Charissa with you, then don't forget to use her Turn Undead ability, which will make the battles much easier. You might also notice several traps (T). You'll get Rinara back pretty soon (#4), so you can either skip the traps and then disarm them later, or just trigger them now and then rest to recuperate.

When you reach the center of the catacombs (#3), you'll run into Latasha again. This time she'll have some Night Masks and a fellow vampire named Kreed with her. As always, you should try to use the doorways to your advantage, to keep the Night Masks from attacking your casters (if any). Once you've done enough damage to Latasha and Kreed, they'll flee to their sarcophagi (#4). The Night Masks will simply die.

When you examine the two sarcophagi (#4), you'll notice that Latasha and Kreed are inside regenerating their wounds, but you won't have any way to stop them. However, at that point Rinara will return to your party, and she'll hand you a pair of Wooden Stakes. You'll then be able to use the stakes to finish off the two vampires. When you do, you'll find some Vampire Dust and a Sacrificial Dagger, and you'll gain 500 xp.

Note: If you refuse to allow Rinara rejoin you, then she'll wait for you in Kajeel's.

To complete the quest, you'll need to examine the altar on the western side of the catacombs (#5). If you use the Vampire Dust on it, then it will ask you to type out the two things "we most fear." You can find these things in the book Vampires: An Overview, which you should have picked up from Timble's corpse in the winery above. The answers are "garlic" and "sunlight" (in that order). When you type out those answers, and then use the Sacrificial Dagger to spill some of your blood onto the altar, a portal will appear next to it, and you'll also earn 3000 xp.

Note: The portal will take you to the final sequence in the game, so be sure that you've completed all shopping, enchanting, and side questing before you step through it.

1 - Vintage Red

You'll find three bottles of Vintage Red here.

2 - Grace Strongheart's Tomb

If you wear your Domino Mask at the tomb, then Grace will attack you, but you'll be able to see Grace's "fondest relics," including Full Plate +2 and the greatsword Shining Light of Lathander.

3 - Latasha

4 - Sarcophagi

5 - Altar

  1. Exit to the Brother Tobias Winery.
  2. Statue. Once you've completed the riddle of the altar (#5), the statue will take you to Undergate.