Quest: Golden Statue of Lathander (Church of Lathander)
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You'll receive this quest from Obid Teltas (in the Morningstar Haven in the Arena District) after completing the quest Assassination Games.


Obid will tell you that he recently commissioned a "magnificent -- and very expensive" statue of Lathander, and that it's due to arrive at the docks very soon. However, Obid will worry that the Night Masks might try to steal it, and so he'll ask you to escort it to the Morningstar Haven. When you're ready to go, just talk to Obid and you'll be transported to the docks.

When you arrive at the docks, you'll get attacked by several Night Masks and Ebon Claws, but you'll have some priests and priestesses of Lathander on your side, and the Night Masks and Ebon Claws will also attack each other, and so the battle should not be too difficult. Afterwards, you'll collapse to the ground and have a vision of sorts, and your Domino Mask will gain some new powers. Your Lathanderite allies, meanwhile, will hustle the statue to safety.

When you return to the Morningstar Haven to report in to Obid, you'll be stopped at the front gate by a messenger who will inform you that somebody in the Market Triangle Tower would like to speak with you. This encounter will trigger the quest An Unexpected Message. Then when you finally reach Obid, he'll reward you with 5000 gp and 2000 xp. "Let it be known that the church of Lathander is generous to those who serve it well!"