Secondary Quest: Naturalist Ithara's Research
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Naturalist Ithara (the Dryad Outpost, #8) will ask you to track down and examine the bound creatures that have been plaguing the area. This "research" will span three quests, one for each part of the campaign.


Each of Ithara's quests will go about the same. She'll ask you to examine some bound creatures, and then the first time you kill one, you'll collect a piece from it and update your quest. Listed below are the creatures you'll need to kill, at least one place where you can find them, and the reward you'll receive for delivering the pieces to Ithara.

Part 1

Bound Terrak: The Blighted Hills
Bound Human: The Blasted Valley
Bound Fellspine: The Blasted Valley
Bound Hak'u: Arinth's Gorge
Bound Hyena: The Passage to Aman'lu

Reward: Corrupted Sentinel Armor

Part 2

Bound Fettershin: Western Vai'lutra Forest
Bound Taclak: Old Aman'lu
Bound Taugrim: Western Vai'lutra Forest
Bound Naldrun: The Passage to Aman'lu
Bound Elf: Western Vai'lutra Forest

Reward: Corrupted Watcher Suit

Part 3

Bound Dwarf: The Halls of the Overseers
Bound Half-Giant: The Outer Cinbri City
Bound Crawler: An Abandoned Elven Ruin, The Calennor Stronghold
Bound Dryad: Arinth's Heights

Reward: Greater Purifier Vestments

Note: You can also find many of these creatures in the Aman'lu Arena.