Secondary Quest: The Ancient Tome
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You'll trigger this quest when you pick up the Ancient Tome (Quest Item 6) in the back of a cave in the Blasted Valley (the Blasted Valley, #4). You won't be able to get into the cave until you've completed the primary quest Kanred the Mage.


When you take the tome to Nari the Mage at the Dryad Outpost (the Dryad Outpost, #9), she'll decipher it and let you know that it's a spellbook for summoning the water spirit Nymphara. She'll then speculate that Nymphara might be able to help her solve the murder of Historian Arisu, and she'll ask you to help her by gathering some ingredients necessary for the summoning.

Here's what you'll need:
When you deliver the items to Nari the Mage, she'll summon Nymphara, who in turn will summon the spirit of Historian Arisu. Then when you talk to Arisu, she'll let you know that it was the Overmage who killed her, and she'll give you the amulet Water Spirit's Blessing and the recipe for Arclight Boots.