Secondary Quest: Questionable Methods

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Ressa will give you this quest when you talk to her in the Western Vai'lutra Forest (#1).


Ressa will tell you that she can create a powerful weapon -- one that will "slaughter familiars with barely any effort" -- but that she'll need some help from you to create it. Here are the three tasks that she'll ask you to complete:
  1. Collect ten Vials of Bound Elf Blood. All bound elves can drop these vials, and you'll find plenty of them in the northern side of the Western Vai'lutra Forest.

  2. Acquire a Vial of a Child's Tears (Quest Item 35). You can get these from Arlen at the Dryad Outpost (the Dryad Outpost, #2). Most anything you say to him will cause him to cry.

  3. Bind Lorethal's soul to a Bloodstone (Quest Item 34). You'll find Lorethal's tomb in the Sepulcher of the Crimson Hunters (the Sepulcher of the Crimson Hunters, #4), which is located on the northern side of the Western Vai'lutra Forest. Clicking on the tomb will complete the binding and earn you Lorethal's Soulstone (Quest Item 36).
When you deliver the items to Ressa, she'll drop three things for you: The Corruptor's Mark, an Abyssal Avatar, and the recipe for Bloodsoaked Gloves. Plus, your actions will have impressed her, and she'll offer to join you on your adventure. From this point on, you'll be able to add Ressa to your party as a companion.

1 - Ressa