Secondary Quest: Treasure Hunting

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You'll receive this quest from Meraliss once you've freed her from her prison in the Vault of Therayne in the Western Vai'lutra Forest (Western Vai'lutra Forest, #3).


The Vault of Therayne is the lone puzzle area in the game. It is divided into four rooms. Your goal in each room is to click on buttons in such a way as to turn off all of the lights. Each time you press a button, it will toggle (that is, turn on or off) the light at the button, plus toggle all of the lights connected to the button. There is also a reset button in each room. If you press the reset button then it will reset the puzzle by turning all of the lights on.

The first room (#1) has the smallest and easiest puzzle. To turn off all of the lights, simply press each button once (see the insert below). That will free Meraliss. When you talk to her, she'll tell you that she's been trapped here for 300 years, and that supposedly there's an artifact hidden in the vault somewhere. She'll also give you the Vault of Therayne Key (Quest Item 46), which will give you access to the second puzzle room (#2).

Puzzle 1: Press the four circled buttons to complete the puzzle.

Completing the second puzzle (see the insert below) will free Treelus the Suffering and open the door to the third puzzle room (#3). Treelus will immediately attack you, but he should be pretty easy to kill, and when he dies he'll drop An Ancient Artifact (Quest Item 47). When you deliver the artifact to Meraliss, she'll reward you with the Ravager Helm.

Puzzle 2: Press the four circled buttons to complete the puzzle.

That's all there is to the quest, but if you complete the puzzles in the third (#3) and fourth (#4) puzzle rooms (see the inserts below), then you'll open up a treasure room (#5) where you can pick up the Helm of the Unknown Comic. The helm is funny but useless, and so it doesn't provide much of an incentive to complete the puzzles.

Puzzle 3: Press the seven circled buttons to complete the puzzle.

Puzzle 4: Press the seven circled buttons to complete the puzzle.

1 - First Puzzle Room

2 - Second Puzzle Room

3 - Third Puzzle Room

4 - Fourth Puzzle Room

5 - Treasure Room