Primary Quest: The Dwarves of Glorydeep

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You'll receive this quest from Stonepick in the Glorydeep Enclave (#1). He'll offer you the help of the dwarves -- in particular, to extend a bridge leading to the Outer Cinbri City -- if you can defeat the six familiar overseers (#2, #3).

You'll find the overseers in the Halls of the Overseers to the east. The first three (#2) will be by themselves, but the last three (#3) will all be together in the overseer camp. The familiar overseers aren't much more difficult than the other familiars that you've seen, and so the battles shouldn't be all that difficult to get through, but you might want to have your powers charged up and ready to go for the battle at the overseer camp. Completing the secondary quests Captured Miners and The Explosives Tunnel can make the final battle easier as well.

After defeating the familiar overseers, when you reach the bridge (#4), you'll find Stonepick there. Talking to him will cause him to extend the bridge, giving you access to the Outer Cinbri City, and, eventually, to the Overmage himself.

1 - Stonepick

2 - Familiar Overseers

3 - Overseer Camp

4 - Bridge