Secondary Quest: Celeb'hel the Elder
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You'll receive this quest when you kill Celeb'hel the Elder at the end of the primary quest In Search of Celia. He'll drop Celeb'hel's Soulstone (Quest Item 22) at that time.


For this quest you'll need to find someone interested in Celeb'hel's Soulstone -- and who better than Celeb'hel himself? When you talk to Celeb'hel in the Calennor Wood (the Calennor Wood, #3), he'll tell you that he split his soul into four parts, and that he sent these simulacra out into the world to seek knowledge of a "secret spell" that has "only been performed twice in the history of the elves." He'll then ask you to track down the remaining two simulacra so that he can gather their power and cast the spell, which he hopes will save the elves.

The simulacra won't have fared too well in their search, and you'll end up finding their corpses. Here is where you'll find them:
  • In the Small Vai'kesh Sanctuary in the Western Vai'kesh Forest (Western Vai'kesh Forest, #6). Note: You won't be able to reach this spot until you've triggered the secondary quest The Vai'kesh, Part 2.

  • In the Calennor Stronghold (the Calennor Stronghold, #5).
When you click on the corpses, you'll acquire Celeb'hel's Second Soulstone (Quest Item 44) and Celeb'hel's Third Soulstone (Quest Item 45). However, when you return to Celeb'hel, an Ancestor of the Azunites will appear and warn you that the spell Celeb'hel wants to cast is dangerous, and that you shouldn't give him the soulstones.

If you give Celeb'hel the soulstones anyway, then he'll attempt to cast the spell, but instead of saving the elves, he'll blow himself up and splatter his body all over the area. But he'll drop Celeb'hel's Ceremonial Garb, which you can then pick up and use.

If you don't give Celeb'hel the soulstones, then he'll realize the error of his ways, and he'll become available as a companion. Then if you add him to your party, he'll have Celeb'hel's Cermonial Garb equipped on his body, which will allow you to take it and use it for yourself if you want.

Note: We've heard that Celeb'hel is supposed to attack you if you don't give him the soulstones, but this has never happened in our games.