Location: Western Vai'kesh Forest

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1 - Rinerel of the Vai'kesh

Rinerel is involved in the secondary quests The Vai'kesh and The Vai'kesh, Part 2.

2 - Vai'kesh Sanctuary

The sanctuary is involved in the secondary quest The Vai'kesh, Part 2. You won't be allowed to explore the southern part of the sanctuary until you've triggered the quest.

3 - Recipe

On the ground here you'll find the recipe for the Shadow Assassin Mask.

4 - A Small Chamber

The small chamber is involved in the secondary quest The Vai'kesh. You won't be able to get inside without the key that you'll receive during the quest.

5 - Elven Wind Chimes

You'll need to pick up one of these Elven Wind Chimes (Quest Item 20) for the secondary quest The Ancient Tome.

6 - Corpse of Celeb'hel the Elder

You'll need to click on the corpse for the secondary quest Celeb'hel the Elder, but you won't be able to reach this spot until you've triggered the secondary quest The Vai'kesh, Part 2.

7 - Superior Ancient Agallan Tablet

If you're playing the Veteran difficulty setting, then you'll find a Superior Ancient Agallan Tablet inside the chest here.

  1. Bridge to the Western Vai'lutra Forest.
  2. Entrance to an Abandoned Elven Ruin.