Secondary Quest: The Vai'kesh, Part 2

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You'll trigger this quest when you venture into the Calennor Stronghold and discover the body of an Estelath Warrior there (the Calennor Stronghold, #1). You'll find a Broken Vai'kesh Blade (Quest Item 41) impaled in the body, which will indicate that Rinerel wasn't entirely truthful with you in the first part of the quest.


When you show the broken blade to Talain in Aman'lu (Aman'lu, #5), Benlir will begin to regain some of his memory, and he'll ask you to return to Rinerel in the Western Vai'kesh Forest (#1). When you show the broken blade to Rinerel, you'll get a slightly less positive result: he and all of the Vai'kesh in the area will attack you!

When Rinerel dies, he'll drop the Vai'kesh Sanctuary Key (Quest Item 42), which will allow you to pass through a door in the sanctuary to the south (#2). Then in the back of the sanctuary (#3), you'll discover Argir the Vai'kesh Prophet performing some sort of ceremony, and when you kill him as well, he'll drop a Vai'kesh Cell Key (Quest Item 43).

To complete the quest, simply use the cell key to free all of the elven prisoners in the sanctuary (#4), and then return to Tailan. Tailan will thank you for uncovering the plot, but he won't give you a reward, and that's how the quest will end.

1 - Rinerel of the Vai'kesh

2 - Locked Door

3 - Argir the Vai'kesh Prophet

4 - Elven Prisoners