Secondary Quest: Minli the Faerie

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Kylis (#1) will give you this quest when you talk to him in Aman'lu.


Kylis will ask you to help him rebuild Aman'lu, but not by constructing buildings. Instead, he'll give you a task more suited to your talents -- to kill Minli the Faerie, who has been sabotaging his efforts and stealing his supplies. Kylis will tell you that Minli is attracted to shiny objects, and he'll give you some Scraps of Metal so that you can lure her into the open. Finally, Kylis will suggest that you set up your ambush at the nearby bridge (#2).

To start the fight, simply drop the Scraps of Metal onto the bridge. Two waves of faeries will then attack you, and Minli will appear in the second wave. It shouldn't be very tough to kill them, and when Minli dies, she'll drop Kylis' Stolen Metal (Quest Item 23) and the recipe for the Beastmaster Staff. The Scraps of Metal won't disappear, but they're now useless, so you shouldn't pick them back up.

Note: Minli might drop the recipe for the Beastmaster Staff when she dies. This did not happen either time we played through the Mercenary difficulty setting, but it did happen the one time we played through the Veteran difficulty setting.

When you return to Kylis, he'll thank you for your effort, and he'll drop some random loot for you to pick up.