Primary Quest: Solanum

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At the end of the previous quest, when you spoke to Danadel in Aman'lu (Aman'lu, #2), he created a portal to Solanum. In this quest, you'll need to go through that portal and then confront the dryad's Great Leader, who you'll learn is really the Overmage in disguise.

However, once again the Overmage won't stick around to fight you. Instead, he'll summon a huge creature named Keirok the Devourer to attack you in his place (#1). Keirok is a big, tough melee fighter, but he only has one special attack, and it's fairly easy to avoid. Every so often Keirok will pound on the ground, and yellow fissure lines will appear. Soon after that, the lines will erupt in fire, and any character caught in the blaze will take a lot of damage (probably killing your spellcasters outright).

So put your party into mirror mode, and then run to a safe spot every time the fissure lines appear. Attacking and retreating like this will slow down the fight and require a certain amount of patience, but Keirok probably won't do much damage to you this way, and so you should eventually emerge victorious.

When Keirok dies, he'll drop the unique ring Familiar's Eye. Then to complete the quest, simply go through the portal at the northern end of the room (#2) and talk to the dwarves who you'll find on the other side.

1 - Keirok the Devourer

2 - Portal