Secondary Quest: Greylok of the Kurgan

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Watcher Jorena (#1) will trigger this quest when you talk to her in the Kelvaran Waste.


Jorena will tell you about "a monstrous beast with a reddish mane and piercing eyes" -- who also happens to be telepathic. She'll ask you to kill this beast before it can mount an attack on the Dryad Outpost, and, to help you out, she'll give you a Chunk of Rotting Meat (Quest Item 13), which you can use to lure it out of its lair (#2).

When you reach the kurgan lair, you'll find a "trap" out front. Clicking on the trap will cause you to place the rotting meat inside of it, and that in turn will cause Greylok and four feral kurgan to charge at you.

When Greylok dies, he'll drop Greylok's Skin (Quest Item 14). When you take that skin to Jorena, she'll thank you for ending the threat, and she'll fashion for you a pair of Greylok Skin Gloves for your efforts.

1 - Watcher Jorena

2 - Greylok's Lair