Location: The Kelvaran Waste

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1 - Watcher Jorena

Jorena (#1) will ask you to kill a creature named Greylok (#1a). This is covered in the secondary quest Greylok of the Kurgan. On the ground next to Jorena, you can pick up The Disintegration of the Morden (Book 7).

2 - Morden Refugee Camp

In this camp you'll meet a bunch of sickly (but friendly) Morden refugees, including one named Lorksul. When you talk to Lorksul, he'll trigger the secondary quest Morden Redemption.

3 - Entrance to the Morden Ravager Camp

If you haven't received it already, then approaching the front gate of the Ravager Camp will trigger the secondary quest Morden Ravagers.

4 - Morden Ravager Camp

You'll find a Vial of the Overmage's Blood (Quest Item 16) here. You'll need this vial for the secondary quests Morden Redemption and Morden Ravagers.

5 - Recipe

On the ground here you'll find the recipe for the Champion's Defender.

6 - Overmage of the Cinbri

When you talk to the Overmage here, he'll explain what he's been up to: he's been paving the way for the return of the Cinbri. For more information, see the primary quest The Mage's Tutor.

  1. Path to the Blighted Hills.