Location: The Blasted Valley

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1 - Tomas the Merchant

Tomas will tell you about his partner Anya (#1a), and how she went crazy on him. This is the trigger for the secondary quest Anya. Once you've completed the quest, Tomas will turn into a general merchant, and he'll become a good source for recipe supplies.

On the ground next to Tomas you'll find a copy of A Merchant's Travels (Book 4).

2 - Magically-Sealed Door

You won't be able to go through this door until after completing the primary quest Kanred the Mage.

3 - An Abandoned Mine

When you walk into the back of the mine, you'll update the secondary quest Hunt for the Lost Dwarves. See that quest entry for more information.

Inside the mine you'll also find a couple of torches to light and the recipe for the Druid's Walking Stick. Like with most of the torches in the campaign, clicking on them will simply light them, and nothing else will happen.

4 - Ancient Tome

At the back of this cave you'll find an Ancient Tome (Quest Item 6). Picking it up will trigger the secondary quest The Ancient Tome.

5 - Ancient Agallan Tablet

If you're playing the Mercenary difficulty setting, then inside a chest here you'll find an Ancient Agallan Tablet, which you can use at the Dryad Outpost to trade for an item.

6 - Guarded Door

The guardian statue outside the door won't let you pass until you've learned the password, which won't happen until after you've completed the primary quest The Mage's Tutor.

7 - Ruined Traveler's Sanctuary

This is where you'll run into Eliza for the secondary quest Missing. You'll also find four level 36 sanctuary doors here, one for each of the core classes.

  1. Path to the Dryad Outpost.
  2. Path to the Blighted Hills.