Secondary Quest: Hunt for the Lost Dwarves

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You'll receive this quest from Yoren Glitterdelve at the Dryad Outpost (#1).


Yoren will tell you that a group of dwarven miners founded the Glorydeep Mine somewhere around here 150 years ago, and that after sending home a huge ruby, they were never heard from again. He'll suspect that they've been hiding in their mine and hoarding their wealth, and he'll ask you to look for them. For payment, he'll give you the Glorydeep Ruby (Quest Item 4).

You'll find evidence of the dwarves inside an abandoned mine in the Blasted Valley (#2). When you tell Yoren about the mine, he'll insist upon joining your group and seeing for himself. When you take Yoren to the mine, he'll discover a secret room on the northern side. Inside the room you'll find The Wealth of Glorydeep Mine (Book 6). Picking up the book will update the quest.

At this point you'll have an objective to enter the Glorydeep Mine, but you won't be able to do anything about it for a while. The abandoned mine in the Blasted Valley doesn't have anything to do with it, so don't bother searching endlessly for more secret rooms there.

Instead, you'll have to wait until Part 3 of the campaign. At that point, when you talk to Rockmover at the Glorydeep Enclave (Glorydeep Enclave, #4) with Yoren in your party, he'll let you know that the Glitterdelves at the mine have died out, but he'll give you a set of Glitterdelve Gloves for your efforts.

1 - Yoren Glitterdelve

2 - An Abandoned Mine