Secondary Quest: The Vai'kesh

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Talain will give you this quest when you talk to him in Aman'lu (Aman'lu, #5).


Talain will tell you that he and his friends banded together to form the Estelath Warriors, a group of elves dedicated to the eradication of the familiars. However, he'll go on to say that a squad of his fighters left yesterday and hasn't been heard from since, and he'll ask you to look for them.

You'll discover the fate of the fighters when you talk to Rinerel in the Western Vai'kesh Forest (#1). He'll tell you that the fighters were attacked by familiars, and that the Vai'kesh were only able to rescue one of them, an elf named Benlir. When you react with a certain amount of skepticism, Rinerel will tell you that he moved the bodies to a small chamber to the north (#2), and he'll give you an Vai'kesh Key (Quest Item 40) so you can get inside.

Inside the small chamber, you'll discover the bodies of the fighters laid out in neat rows. This will seem to confirm Rinerel's account of what happened, and when you relay this information to Talain, he'll grudgingly agree that perhaps the elves and Vai'kesh can work together. He'll also drop some random loot for you as a reward.

1 - Rinerel of the Vai'kesh

2 - A Small Chamber