Secondary Quest: Lumilla's Special Recipe
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Enchantress Lumilla (the Dryad Outpost, #5) will give you this quest if you ask her about recipes.


Lumilla will tell you that she's discovered an ancient type of recipe, and she'll agree to demonstrate it for you, provided that you can find for her three reagents: ash leaves, sage liniment, and gardenia leaves. Just like in Lumilla's quest in the original Dungeon Siege II campaign, you can find the reagents in fixed places on the ground if you wait long enough, but more likely you'll find them randomly when creatures die or in the stock of reagent vendors.

When you deliver the reagents to Lumilla, she'll drop two things: the recipe for Lumilla's Cooling Band and an Enchantable Exceptional Silver Ring. To create the band, simply enchant the silver ring with the ash leaves, sage liniment, and gardenia leaves.