Secondary Quest: Morden Redemption

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You'll receive this secondary quest from Lorksul in the Morden Refugee Camp in the Kelvaran Waste (#1).


Lorksul will tell you that most of the Morden have become sickly since the cataclysm -- all, that is, except for a group of Morden known as the Ravagers, who are working with the Overmage. Lorksul will tell you that the Ravagers frequently send out raiding parties, but that the Morden in the refugee camp are too weak to fight them off. Finally, Lorksul will ask you to ask Quartermaster Olara at the Dryad Outpost (the Dryad Outpost, #7) for some food, so that the Morden can build up their strength and defend themselves.

When you talk to Olara, she'll readily give you the food -- a Pack of Dryad Travel Provisions (Quest Item 15) -- but she'll put poison in it, with the hope that if the Morden eat the bread, then the dryads will be finished with them once and for all.

When you return to Lorksul, you'll have the option of giving him the entire packet of food, or only giving him the unpoisoned half. It doesn't matter what you select, and, if you give him the poisoned food, it doesn't matter if you later decide to warn him. The quest will play out exactly the same.

When you deliver the food, Lorksul will ask you to obtain a Vial of the Overmage's Blood (Quest Item 16) from the Ravager Camp to the south (#2). The blood has been sustaining the Ravagers, but Lorksul will want to use it to summon the Overmage and demand some answers.

When you deliver the blood, Lorksul will summon the Overmage, but he won't get the answers he was hoping for. The Overmage will tell him that the Morden were created using the Sword of Zaramoth, and now that the sword is broken, nothing is left to sustain them. The Overmage will then leave, and Lorksul will drop the Berserker Shield and the recipe for the Bone Helm, completing the quest.

1 - Refugee Camp

2 - Ravager Camp