Primary Quest: The Overmage of the Cinbri

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For this quest you'll finally get to fight the Overmage (#1). When you first come up to him, he'll be neutral, and once again he'll chastise you for not being swayed by his motivations. Then the battle will start.

The first part of the battle will involve you fighting summoned creatures. During each stage, the Overmage will summon five creatures to attack you (usually familiars, but sometimes other creatures as well), and during this time he'll be invulnerable. But after you've killed the creatures, the Overmage will become vulnerable, and you'll have a few seconds to pound on him. The quicker you can kill the Overmage, the fewer summoned creatures you'll have to kill, so save up your single enemy powers (like brutal attack and take aim) and unleash them on the Overmage when you can.

Once you've "killed" the Overmage, he'll draw on the power of the dryads surrounding him, and he'll turn into Zaramoth reborn. For this fight, you'll just have to gut it out. Zaramoth will have a bunch of special attacks at his disposal (some of which you'll be able to avoid, and some of which you won't), and he'll have a ton of hit points. So you'll need to do some dodging and attacking, and probably a lot of potion quaffing, but eventually you should be able to wear him down.

Note: If you die, Zaramoth won't regain his health, so you'll never lose your progress against him. So even if things go very badly for you when you fight him, just keep buying more potions and keep attacking him, and eventually he'll go down.

When Zaramoth dies, he'll drop a whole bunch of good loot (including the recipe for The Onslaught Flame), and Kirani (#2), who was apparently one of the dryads surrounding the Overmage when you came in, will regain consciousness. After completing your conversation with Kirani, the end credits will play, and you'll be free to move on to the next difficulty setting.