Secondary Quest: The Human Refugees

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Watcher Rena will give you this quest when you talk to her in Arinth's Heights (#1).


Rena will tell you that the dryads in her scouting party turned "violent" and "unnatural" recently, and that they attacked the human refugees in the canyon to the west. Rena won't know what to do, but you'll decide that you should explore the canyon and help the refugees if you can.

Without surprise, you'll find a bunch of bloodthirsty dryads and dead humans in the canyon. But when you make your way to the very end (#2), you'll run into a survivor named Jarden. He won't like you very much, but he'll drop a couple of random items before running off.

When you return to Rena, she won't be thrilled with you, either, and that's how the quest will end.

1 - Watcher Rena

2 - Jarden