Secondary Quest: The Explosives Tunnel

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Pitforger will give you this quest when you talk to him in the Halls of the Overseers (#1).


Pitforger will tell you that he's placed some explosives in the tunnel to the east (#2), which are rigged to blow up the overseer camp to the north (#4), but that he needs you to attach a Dwarven Fuse (Quest Item 57) to them so he can set them off.

To get to the explosives, you'll need to fight your way through several bound dwarves, including an elite bound dwarf at the end, but none of the battles should be overly difficult. To attach the fuse, simply click on the dwarven explosives on the ground (#2).

To actually set off the explosives, you'll need to make your way to the detonator (#3) next to the camp (#4). Clicking on the detonator will trigger the explosives, which will blow up and do a great deal of damage to everything in the camp. The explosion will make the big battle in the camp (which is a required part of the primary quest The Dwarves of Glorydeep) much easier to get through, but it's optional if you don't want to give yourself an extra advantage.

Blowing up the camp will complete the quest. Pitforger won't give you anything if you return to him.

1 - Pitforger

2 - Dwarven Explosives

3 - Detonator

4 - Overseer Camp