Location: The Halls of the Overseers

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1 - Familiar Overseers

At each of these three spots, you'll find a familiar overseer. You'll need to kill the three overseers here and the three in the overseer camp (#4) to complete the primary quest The Dwarves of Glorydeep.

2 - Strongspade

Strongspade (#2) will give you the secondary quest Captured Miners, which will involve you rescuing the miners (#2a) to the north.

3 - Pitforger

Pitforger will give you the secondary quest The Explosives Tunnel.

4 - Overseer Camp

You'll have a big battle here, but completing the secondary quests Captured Miners (#2) and The Explosives Tunnel (#3) will make things easier for you.

  1. Path to the Glorydeep Enclave.
  2. Bridge to the Outer Cinbri City.