Location: The Calennor Stronghold

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1 - Estelath Warrior Corpse / Recipe

You'll find a couple things of interest inside this room: an Estelath Warrior corpse, which, when you click on it, will trigger the secondary quest The Vai'kesh, Part 2, and the recipe for the Helm of the Wild.

2 - Secret Doors

Clicking on the nearby braziers or torches will open up these secret doors.

3 - Stone Pile

You'll find a Green Stone of Life in this stone pile. If you're playing the Veteran difficulty setting, then you'll also find a Superior Ancient Agallan Tablet inside the chest in this room.

4 - Sockets

At this spot you'll find sockets for the Green Stone of Life (#3), the Purple Stone of Death (#6), and the Yellow Stone of Sight (#7). Fitting the three stones into the sockets will cause the secret door to the east to open, revealing a big chest. Inside the chest you'll find some random treasures.

5 - Corpse of Celeb'hel the Elder

You'll need to click on the corpse for the secondary quest Celeb'hel the Elder.

6 - Stone Pile

You'll find a Purple Stone of Death in this stone pile.

7 - Stone Pile

You'll find a Yellow Stone of Sight in this stone pile.

8 - Recipe

On the ground here you'll find the recipe for Relentless Boots.

9 - Baelusar, the Surgeon

You'll need to kill Baelusar for the primary quest The Second Familiar Surgeon.

  1. Exit to the Calennor Wood.