Primary Quest: The Second Familiar Surgeon

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For this quest you'll have to find and defeat the second familiar surgeon (#2), which is located in the Calennor Stronghold. Along the way, you'll meet up with a projection of the Overmage (#1), who will once again demand that you stop interfering with his plans. You won't have any real choices in the conversation, and all you'll learn is that it was the Overmage himself who blundered and broke the Cinbri's gate into this world, which is why he's so fervent to restore it now.

When you reach the second surgeon, you'll find that it's just like the first one, only a little bit tougher, and that it fights using the same tactics, so you'll once again need to be careful about killing the bound crawlers before they can heal it. When the surgeon dies, it will drop Nature's Vengeance and some other random loot, and when you relay the news to Danadel in Aman'lu (Aman'lu, #2), he'll open up a portal to Solanum for you, where you'll be able to confront the dryad's Great Leader.