Location: Aman'lu

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1 - Bridge

This bridge will play a role in the secondary quest Minli the Faerie.

2 - Danadel

You'll first meet Danadel next to the front gate to the city (#3), but then he'll move next to the teleporter (#3a). Danadel will be your main contact for the primary quests in Part 2 of the campaign.

3 - Kylis

Kylis will trigger the secondary quest Minli the Faerie.

4 - Liranth

Liranth won't have any sort of marking over his head, but he's involved in the secondary quest The Ancient Tome. He'll give you a Vial of Aman'lu's Blessed Water (Quest Item 17) when you talk to him.

5 - Talain

Talain will give you the secondary quest The Vai'kesh. On the ground next to Talain, you can pick up The Crimson Hunters (Book 9).

6 - Book

In the shelf here you can find The Enemies of the Edhel (Book 8).

7 - Elevator

The elevator here will take you down to an area underneath the tavern, where you can once again participate in the Aman'lu Arena.

  1. Path to Arinth's Gorge.
  2. Bridge to the Western Vai'lutra Forest.
  3. Portal to Solanum. Danadel (#2) won't create this portal until you've completed the primary quest The Second Familiar Surgeon.