Secondary Quest: The Aman'lu Arena

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You'll receive this quest from Daesthai (#1) when you talk to him beneath the tavern in Amana'lu (Aman'lu, #7).


This version of the Aman'lu Arena works just like the one in the original Dungeon Siege II campaign -- only with tougher enemies. Daesthai will sell you tokens, and you'll need to place a token on the activator (#3) to start a round of fights. To leave a round, either before or after you've finished killing your opponents, you'll need to pull the "forfeit" lever (#2). If you didn't complete the round, then you'll need to buy another token to try again.

The table below summarizes the ten rounds of the challenge:

RndToken Cost Elite EnemyMinion Enemies Reward
12000Level 43 bound fellspine enthraller Six level 43 volatile bogrothsBlack key of the first (Quest Item 24)
23000Level 43 bound husk Six level 43 bound human grieversBlue key of the second (Quest Item 25)
34000Level 44 ganth Six level 44 Morden-sin crossbowmenTurquoise key of the third (Quest Item 26)
45000Level 45 bound hak'u hunter Eight level 45 bound hak'u bleedersGreen key of the fourth (Quest Item 27)
56000Level 46 bound dryad cyclone Six level 46 bound dryad incineratorsYellow key of the fifth (Quest Item 28)
67500Level 47 bound taclak spearmaster Eight level 47 decaying bound taclaksOrange key of the sixth (Quest Item 29)
79000Level 47 tormented stitched horror Six level 47 incinerating bound elvesRed key of the seventh (Quest Item 30)
810,000Level 48 bound half-giant devastator Six level 48 bound dwarf ballistasPurple key of the eighth (Quest Item 31)
912,000Level 49 bound half-giant convoker Six level 49 bound half-giant shamblersIron key of the ninth (Quest Item 32)
1015,000Two level 50 lastyk familiars Ten level 50 bound dwarf ballistas and sunderersDaesthai's gold key (Quest Item 33), Ancient Agallan Tablet

Each time you complete a round, you'll receive a key (Quest Items 24-33), which will open ten treasure rooms. Most of the treasures that you'll find in the treasure rooms will be random (with rare and better items), but in the final room (#4) you'll encounter a mimic who will drop the recipe for the Marksman's Ring when it dies. You'll also receive an Ancient Agallan Tablet (the exact type depending on the difficulty level) from Daesthai when you talk to him at the end of the quest.

1 - Daesthai

2 - Forfeit Level

3 - Token Activator

4 - Mimic