Primary Quest: In Search of Celia

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Your goal in this quest is to track down Warden Celia, but instead you'll find Celeb'hel the Elder (#1), who you might remember as the leader of Aman'lu in the original campaign. Celeb'hel won't be too talkative -- he'll sound a lot like Kanred did -- and you'll have to fight him.

Fighting Celeb'hel shouldn't be any problem. The battle with him will be just like the battles you had with Kanred and Kikrak. He'll cast the same death spells (just a little more powerful than before), and he'll even summon a Voadyk Familiar to help him out. So switch to mirror mode and pounce on him in between his casts.

When Celeb'hel dies, he'll drop Celeb'hel's Soulstone (Quest Item 22), a Crimson Channeler Staff, and some other random items. Then, in a scene that should be familiar by now, a group of dryads, led by Celia, will come up to absorb his power.

When you talk to Celia, she'll agree to open the way to Aman'lu -- to get you out of her hair if nothing else -- but she'll insist that you meet her north of the Dryad Outpost (#2) first. When you talk to her there, she'll warn you about the dangers to come, and how she expects that you'll soon be turned into a bound minion. But then she'll create the passage and leave you on your way.

1 - Celeb'hel the Elder

2 - Exit to Aman'lu