Location: The Dryad Outpost

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Area Note

If you're using one of the pre-generated characters from the Broken World expansion pack, then you'll find potential companions in various places in the outpost. Otherwise, the companions will either be in your party or stored in the inn.

1 - Burk

Burk will tell you about his brother Kanred, and how he started acting strangely after a grandmaster mage came to the outpost to tutor him. This is the trigger for the primary quest Kanred the Mage.

On the ground near Burk, you can also pick up Eva's Journal (Book 2), which describes how things haven't gone well for the humans since the fall of Valdis.

2 - Soram and Arlen

Soram will give you the secondary quest Missing. Arlen will play a role in the secondary quest Questionable Methods.

3 - Yoren Glitterdelve

Yoren will tell you that a group of dwarven miners founded the Glorydeep Mine somewhere around here 150 years ago, but that they haven't been heard from since. This is the trigger for the secondary quest Hunt for the Lost Dwarves. Once you've completed enough of the quest, Yoren will become available as a companion.

4 - Warden Celia, Sentinel Kirani, and Squad Leader Yana

You'll find one or more of these three inside the tent at various times in the campaign. Sentinel Kirani is involved in the primary quest The Mage's Tutor.

5 - Enchantress Lumilla

Just like in the original Dungeon Siege II campaign, Lumilla will have a recipe that she'd like you to track down the ingredients for. However, this time, instead of creating a reagent, the pieces will form Lumilla's Cooling Band. See the secondary quest Lumilla's Special Recipe for details.

6 - Innkeeper Leni

On the ground next to Leni, you can find The Great Work (Book 1).

7 - Quartermaster Olara

Olara is involved in the secondary quest Morden Redemption.

8 - Naturalist Ithara

Naturalist Ithara will give you three quests to track down and examine the different bound creatures plaguing the land. You can learn more about the quests here.

9 - Nari the Mage

When you first talk to Nari, she'll tell you that Historian Arisu was murdered in her tent a few nights ago, and she'll ask you to keep your eyes open for clues, but you won't actually receive a quest from her. Later, after you've acquired the Ancient Tome (Quest Item 6) from a cave in the Blasted Valley (the Blasted Valley, #4), Nari will send you searching for some ingredients, so that you might summon a creature named Nyphara, who in turn might be able to shed some light on the matter. For more information, see the secondary quest The Ancient Tome.

10 - Mage Dusi

On the ground next to Dusi, you can pick up a few Letters from Hesla (Book 3). You might remember Hesla from the secondary quest The Hak'u from the original Dungeon Siege II campaign.

11 - Kerth of the F & K Society

Kerth is a shopkeeper of sorts for the F & K Society. If you bring him an Ancient Agallan Tablet or a Superior Ancient Agallan Tablet, then he'll offer you one of the following items for it:

Ancient Agallan Tablets drop in the Mercenary difficulty setting. You can find five of these tablets if you search carefully:

Superior Agallan Tablets drop in the Veteran difficulty setting. You can find four of these tablets if you search carefully:
Finally, Kerth will mention "crossover codes" to you. These are codes for people who also own a copy of Dungeon Siege II: Throne of Agony, which can be used to transfer certain items between the two games. However, the codes are apparently unique to each individual, and we haven't had any luck learning anything about them (including whether they even work or not).

  1. Path to Arinth's Gorge.
  2. Path to the Blasted Valley. This is the exit you should take first.