Location: Arinth's Gorge

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1 - Recipe

On the ground here you'll find the recipe for the Cinbri Ritual Mask.

2 - Broken Mana Shrine

When you click on the broken shrine, you'll receive a Mana Shrine Stone (Quest Item 18), which you'll need for the secondary quest The Ancient Tome.

3 - Guarded Door

The guardian statue outside the door won't let you pass until you've learned the password, which won't happen until after you've completed the primary quest The Mage's Tutor.

4 - Ancient Agallan Tablet

If you're playing the Mercenary difficulty setting, then inside a chest here you'll find an Ancient Agallan Tablet, which you can use at the Dryad Outpost to trade for an item.

  1. Path to the Dryad Outpost.
  2. Path to Arinth's Heights.
  3. Path to Aman'lu. This exit won't appear until you've completed the primary quest In Search of Celia. That is, this is the exit that you'll need to take to reach Part 2 of the campaign.