Location: The Sepulcher of the Crimson Hunters

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1 - Secret Doors

Clicking on the nearby braziers will open these secret doors.

2 - Sanctuary

You'll find four level 42 sanctuary doors here, one for each of the four core classes.

3 - Ancient Agallan Tablet

If you're playing the Mercenary difficulty setting, then you'll find an Ancient Agallan Tablet inside the chest here.

4 - Lorethal's Tomb

If you're working on the secondary quest Questionable Methods, then you'll be able to use the tomb here to summon Lorethal's spirit and bind it to a Bloodstone (Quest Item 34). However, doing so will cause numerous Crimson Hunter ghosts to appear throughout the sepulcher, and you'll have to fight your way out (or save and quit to reappear in Aman'lu; you won't be able to summon a teleporter in the sepulcher).

  1. Exit to the Western Vai'lutra Forest.