Location: The Blighted Hills

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1 - Guarded Door

The guardian statue outside the door won't let you pass until you've learned the password, which won't happen until after you've completed the primary quest The Mage's Tutor.

2 - Magically-Sealed Door

You won't be able to go through this door until after completing the primary quest Kanred the Mage.

3 - Recipe

You'll find the recipe for the Robe of the Frozen North lying on the ground here.

4 - Kanred the Rogue Mage

You'll need to kill Kanred for the primary quest Kanred the Mage.

5 - A Dank Crevasse

You won't find much here in the Mercenary difficulty setting, but in the Veteran setting you'll find a Superior Ancient Agallan Tablet in one of the chests in the back of the cave. You can exchange the tablet at the Dryad Outpost for a powerful item.

  1. Path to the Blasted Valley.
  2. Path to the Kelvaran Waste.