Primary Quest: The Familiars

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For this quest you'll need to track down and kill the first familiar surgeon (#1). You'll find the surgeon in the ruins on the western side of the Western Vai'kesh Forest (Western Vai'kesh Forest, Exit B).

Surgeons are big, odd-looking, brain-like creatures. They're not exceptionally powerful, and they don't do a lot of damage, but they can be tough to kill. That's because every so often bound crawlers will appear in the nearby blood pools, and they'll attempt to heal the surgeon. If you can stop the crawlers (any attack that hits them will cause them to attack you rather than move to the surgeon, and so area-effect powers and skills such as ricochet and arcing are very useful here) then the battle shouldn't take very long. If you have trouble with the crawlers, then you'll be in for a long battle, and it's a good idea to come prepared with a bunch of potions.

When the surgeon dies, it will drop several things: an Elven Cell Key (Quest Item 37), an Unidentified Object (Quest Item 38), the recipe for the Stormspire mage staff, and some other random odds and ends.

When you use the cell key to free Drianjul from her prison (#2), she'll give you some bad news and some helpful news. The bad news is that there is at least one more surgeon out there that you'll need to kill, and the helpful news is that the strange object you just found on the current surgeon's body is actually a key: the Calennor Stronghold Key (Quest Item 39), which you can use to open doors that have been sealed by the souls of bound minions.

1 - Surgeon

2 - Drianjul