Wheel Clan, Lower Levels

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1 - Treasure Chest

2 - Arvid Millstone

Millstone is the foreman of the miners. He'll tell you that something has been killing his miners. The culprit is a level 40 dread crystal spider (#3) and the other crystal spiders around it. Once you kill them and return to Millstone you'll receive 8500 experience, gain some alignment, and earn a reputation as a hero to the Wheel Clan.

3 - Dread Crystal Spider

4 - Vegard's Chamber

This is the chamber Vegard Molten Flow might have told you about if you explored the main levels of the Wheel Clan. You can use Vegard Molten Flow's key (#5) to open the door -- or just break it down -- and in the chest inside you'll find a toy train. That's the heirloom Vegard wants back.

5 - Vegard Molten Flow's Key

It's just lying on the ground.

6 - Grey King

He's only level 30, so he's not very difficult. You'll probably have more trouble with the brute fangs guarding him. In the chests next to the king, you can find the schematic for machined platemail and a sheet of mithril ore.

7 - Molten Giant

8 - Passage to Loghaire

Tell Loghaire about the Black Mountain Clan. He'll respond by telling you his part in the tale, that a group of elves sent by the Silver Lady, the queen of the elves, demanded the banishment of the Black Mountain Clan, and that he only agreed because they threatened war.

If you talked to Randver about the Stone and the Shape, then during the conversation, when Loghaire starts railing about his decision to exile the Black Mountain Clan, you'll get a dialogue option, "I know, I know. That's because your Stone is still true." If you take that option, then you'll be able to convince Loghaire to end his exile and become king again. For that you'll earn a fate point.

At the end of the conversation, Loghaire will start to realize the elf delegation who spoke to him seemed odd, and he'll ask you to look into the matter. He'll give you the name of an elf he dealt with, M'in Gorad, and he'll let you know that you can find the elves in Qintarra. However, he won't know how to get to Qintarra. Instead, he'll suggest you go to Stillwater, which might be near the elven city, and hunt for its location there. Then he'll mark the location of Stillwater on your world map.

After you've visit Qintarra and eventually discovered what happened to the Black Mountain Clan, you can come back to the Wheel Clan, and Loghaire will offer to join your party (provided you convinced him to end his exile). Loghaire starts out with 20 strength and 18 dexterity, and is a quality fighter.


A. Exit to the Wheel Clan level 1.
B. Exit to the Wheel Clan level 2.
C. Exit to the Wheel Clan level 3.




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