Arbalah's House

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1 - Recent Grave

The gravestone reads, "Jamilah, Beloved Wife and Mother."

2 - Recent Grave

The gravestone reads, "Saif, Beloved Son."

3 - Arbalah's House

The door is locked at night, but once you get inside you'll meet Arbalah. If you talked to Brehgo previously, you'll find out he's not as innocent as he portrayed himself. In fact, Brehgo and his partner Fahrkus butchered Arbalah's family and stole a religious artifact from him. Arbalah will ask you to retrieve the artifact.

To do that, you'll need to talk to Brehgo's ghost in the Crash Site Cave. Tell him that you spoke to Arbalah, and then lie and say Arbalah will lift the curse if he tells you where Fahrkus and the artifact are. He'll give you the location of Simon Fahrkus' Shack.

Once you get the artifact from Fahrkus and return it to Arbalah, you'll receive Arbalah's blessing, which gives you a +5 reaction bonus. You'll also increase your alignment.

If you're feeling evil, you can also kill Arbalah to complete a quest for Brehgo (even after receiving Arbalah's blessing). The deed will lower your alignment slightly, but when you return to Brehgo you'll receive 1000 experience points, provided you didn't lie to him or taunt him before. If you tell Brehgo you enjoy killing innocents, then you'll lose more alignment.




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