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Apprentice Training:
  • Most city guards
Expert Training:
  • Elite bow captain (Dernholm)
Master Training:
  • Kietzel Pierce (Black Root and then Caladon)
When Pierce is in Black Root he'll ask you to find a student of his named Dudley Crosston, and then he'll leave for Caladon. Crosston is in Dernholm with the bow guard there, and when you talk to him you'll learn he doesn't plan to go back to Pierce. When you relate this information to Pierce, he'll offer to let you go on the quest he assigned to Crosston, and to gain your bow mastery status in that way.

The quest involves going to the Ruins of Szabo and finding a special bow there. The bow is the Bow of Ecclesiastes, a magical bow with a really long range. When you find it and give it to Pierce, you'll gain 800 experience, and Pierce will make you a Bow Master. If you decide you'd rather keep the bow, then you can tell Pierce you didn't find it in the ruins, and he'll train you for 2000 gold.




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