The Pit of Fires

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Outside (not shown)

You'll find four adventurers outside the pit. If you have at least three ranks of persuasion, you can convince the adventurers that killing the demon L'anamelach is much more important than mere money (exaggerate his powers), and they'll go into the pit and retrieve the Blade of Xerxes for you. Otherwise, they'll think you're after a reward just like they are, and they'll go into the pit to get the blade for themselves. But don't worry; that course just means you'll find their bodies when you go inside.

Note: If you don't know who L'anamelach is or what the Blade of Xerxes does yet, then you should probably come back later after you've visited Caladon.

Since the Pit of Fires is full of seething masses and other fiery creates (which damage armor and weapons), you should definitely let the adventurers retrieve the blade for you if you can manage it. Plus, the version of the blade they give is better than the one you'll find inside.

1 - Treasures

You'll find some treasures lying on the ground.

2 - Bodies of the Adventurers

This is where you'll find the bodies of the adventurers, if you don't convince them to fetch you the blade.

3 - Pit of Lava

You'll find the Blade of Xerxes inside, but be careful. The pit does fire damage when you access it.


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