Pick Locks
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Apprentice Training:
  • Blacksmiths
  • Junk Dealers
Expert Training:
  • Adam Maxwell (Caladon)
  • Garret Almstead (Black Root)
Master Training:
  • J.T. Morgan (Caladon)
To get pick locks mastery training, you'll first have to speak with Mrs. R.L. Morgan in Roseborough. She'll tell you that her son J.T. was caught sneaking into Caladon's castle and now resides in Caladon's prison. Then she'll ask you to deliver his lock picking tools to him, and she'll assure you that he'll train you if you do.

So head on over to Caladon. The prison is a part of police headquarters. At night the guard next to the prison door will fall asleep (you'll see zzz's over his head), and you can pick the lock and sneak in then.

Inside the prison it doesn't really matter what you do. Probably you can pick locks and sneak around guards if you want, but you can also be noisy and bludgeon your way through. Nobody in Caladon will notice the difference. Once you find J.T. and give him his tools, he'll make you a Pick Locks Master, and you'll earn 8500 experience.




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