Ancient Gods

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While traveling around Arcanum, you'll no doubt find several altars to the ancient gods of the world. If you talk to Aldous T. Buxington at the university in Tarant, he'll give you some clues about what the altars can do. In particular, he'll give you a book describing the gods and what you should offer them, and he'll have a painting called "Mazzerin's Mystery" hanging on his wall. The painting (shown above) gives you the relationships between the gods.

If you just go to an altar and give the correct offering, you'll get a blessing. The trick is to give the offerings in the correct order so you can accumulate blessings and eventually gain Velorien's (the All-Father's) blessing.

There are three circles of gods. When you give an offering to the greater god at the end of a circle, you'll lose all the other blessings from that circle. And when you gain the blessing from Velorien, you'll lose the blessings from the greater gods. However, you don't have to continue making offerings if you don't want to. If you prefer the blessing you have to the one you would gain, then there's no reason to continue.

Here are the gods you need to donate to, in the order you need to make the donations:

First Circle

Lesser God: Ter'el, Elven God of Wisdom
Altar Location: Falcon's Ache
Offering: Li'tani (sold by the elven trader in Ashbury)
Blessing: +1 perception, +4 bow

Lesser God: Makaal, Bedokaan God of the Hunt
Altar Location: Bedokaan Village
Offering: Heartstone (found lying on the ground in the Bedokaan Village)
Blessing: +1 dexterity

Note: If you betray the Bedokaan lizards to the poachers, the altar will stop working.

Lesser God: Alberich, Dwarven God of Stone
Altar Location: Wheel Clan
Offering: Lava Rock (found on the ground in numerous dungeons)
Blessing: +1 strength

Lesser God: Geshtianna, Human Goddess of Love
Altar Location: Stillwater
Offering: Passion Root (found on the ground nearby)
Blessing: +1 beauty

Greater God: Halcyon, God of Truth
Altar Location: Vooriden
Offering: Olive Tree Branch (found in the Wheel Clan garden)
Blessing: +2 willpower, +2 perception, +4 spot traps, +4 heal

Second Circle

Lesser God: Torg, Ogre God of Heart
Altar Location: Torg's Altar
Offering: Ruby (found in numerous places)
Blessing: +1 constitution

Lesser God: Bolo, Halfling God of Thieves
Altar Location: Bolo's Altar
Offering: Any Ring (found in numerous places)
Blessing: +4 pick locks, +4 pick pockets

Lesser God: Kerlin, Gnome God of Gold
Altar Location: Kerlin's Altar
Offering: Mnura Coin (found in numerous places)
Blessing: +4 haggle, +4 persuasion

Lesser God: Shakar, Orcish God of War
Altar Location: Kree
Offering: Bone Dagger or Reaper's Axe (bone daggers can be found in the First Panarii Temple catacombs and in the old Caladon sewers; reaper's axes are sometimes sold by gypsies)
Blessing: +4 dodge, +4 melee

Greater God: Moorindal, God of Shadows
Altar Location: Ancient Temple
Offering: Black Diamond (found at the Ancient Maze, the Bangellian Deeps, and the Caladon Palace)
Blessing: +8 backstab, +4 prowling, +4 melee

Third Circle

Lesser God: Alberich

Lesser God: Makaal

Lesser God: Kerlin

Lesser God: Bolo

Greater God: Kaitan, God of Balance
Altar Location: Gorgoth Pass
Offering: Geode (found in numerous places, including on the ground right by the altar)
Blessing: +1 beauty, +1 charisma, +4 bow

Final Blessing

All-Father: Velorien
Altar Location: Vendigroth Ruins
Offering: Yourself (just walk onto the platform)
Blessing: +100 hit points, +100 fatigue, +12 melee, +12 dodge, +12 pickpocket, +12 firearms, +12 persuasion, +4 dexterity, +30 damage resistance, +30 magic resistance




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