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Apprentice Training:
  • Thieves (if member of the Thieves Underground)
  • Vollinger (Dernholm)
Expert Training:
  • Guido Lightouch (Ashbury)
  • Poone (Tarant)
  • Thief fences (if member of the Thieves Underground)
Master Training:
  • Sammie White (Tarant, Kensington Park)
Trade insults with Sammie until you get the dialogue option "You know... I think you actually enjoy insulting people." From there you'll be able to have a regular conversation with him, and you'll be able to ask him for your pick pockets mastery training. Of course, Sammie won't do it for free. He'll tell you to run around naked first. So take off your body armor and run around Kensington Avenue for a while until Sammie is satisfied. Then he'll train you as master, and you'll earn 6400 experience. However, you'll also earn a reputation as Pervert of Tarant, and your reaction modifier will drop by 5 while you're in town. Since the pick pockets mastery bonus is all but useless, this is a mastery quest you might want to skip.




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