Optional Traits
Afraid of the Dark [Halfling & Human Only]

Agoraphobic [Dwarf, Gnome, Halfling, & Human Only]

Apprenticed to a Shopkeeper [All]

Army Training [All Except Half-Ogre]

Arsonist [Gnome, Half-Orc, Halfling, & Human Only]

Bandit [Human, Half-Elf, & Half-Orc Only]

Barbarian [All Except Elf & Half-Ogre]

Beat With an Ugly Stick [All]

Bookworm [All Except Half-Ogre & Half-Orc]

Born Under a Sign [All]

Bride of Frankenstein [Female Half-Orc & Human Only]

Bully [All Except Half-Ogre & Half-Orc]

Charlatan's Protege [All Except Half-Ogre & Half-Orc]

Child of a Hero [All]

Clanless Dwarf [Dwarf Only]

Dark Elf Follower [Elf Only]

Dark Sight [All]

Day Mage [All Except Dwarf]

Debutante [Female Only]

Disenfranchised Gnome [Gnome Only]

Educator [All]

Elven Blood [Gnome, Half-Ogre, Halfling, & Human Only]

Escaped Lunatic [Human Only]

Extreme Personality [All]

Factory Escapee [Half-Orc Only]

Feral Child [All Except Dwarf, Elf, & Halfling]

Foppish Elf [Elf Only]

Frankenstein Monster [Half-Orc & Human Male Only]

Freed Bodyguard [Half-Ogre Only]

Halfling Orphan [Halfling Only]

Hydrophobic [All Except Elf, Half-Elf, & Half-Ogre]

Hyperactive [All]
Idiot Savant [All Except Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, & Gnome]

Inheritance [All]

Lady's Man [Male Only]

Mad Doctor [All]

Magick Allergy [All Except Elf & Half-Elf]

Miracle Operation [All]

Nature Mage [All Except Dwarf]

Nietzsche Poster Child [All]

Night Mage [All Except Dwarf]

Only Child [All]

Professional Knife Tosser [All]

Raised by Elves [Human Only]

Raised by Monks [All]

Raised by Orcs [All Except Dwarf, Elf, & Half-Elf]

Raised by Snake Handlers [All]

Raised in the Pits [All]

Ran Away With the Circus [All]

Rare Half-Ogre Birth [Half-Ogre Only]

Sent to Charm School [Human Female Only]

Sheltered Childhood [All Except Dwarf & Half-Ogre]

Sickly [All]

Sky Mage [All Except Dwarf]

Sold Your Soul [All]

Special Person [All]

Super Model [Female Only]

Suppressed Orcish Looks [Half-Orc Only]

Technophobia [Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Halfling, & Human Only]

Tomboy [Female Only]

Tough Hide [Half-Ogre & Half-Orc Only]

Troll Offspring [All]

Wild Half-Ogre [Half-Ogre Only]