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Apprentice Training:
  • Doc Roberts (Shrouded Hills)
  • Gunsmiths
  • Inventors
Expert Training:
  • Doc Roberts (Shrouded Hills)
  • Herkemer Oggdoddler (Black Root)
Master Training:
  • William Thorndop (Ashbury)
When you talk to Thorndop, you'll learn he's joined the Halcyon order and doesn't use guns any more -- or train people to master status. However, shortly after the conversation ends, a halfling (looking a lot like a dwarf) will come running up asking Thorndop for help. You'll learn that the Willenbecker gang has kidnapped the halfling's wife and is using her to make Thorndop face them. Since Thorndop can't use guns any more, he'll ask you to help.

You'll find the Willenbecker gang in the barn to the east. There are seven members in the gang, and they'll be lined up waiting to shoot you. Once you get close to the barn, one gang member will start attacking the halfling's wife, so charge in right away to keep her alive. Once you dispatch the gang and return to Thorndop, he'll make you a Firearms Master. You can also choose to let him keep his vows (and not train you), and in that case he'll give you a looking glass rifle. Of course, you can always just steal the rifle.




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