P. Schuyler & Sons

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1 - Treasure Chest / Barrel

2 - The Schuylers

You'll find the three Schuyler brothers standing next to their long-dead father Pelonius. Because of the undead dwarves in the pervious room, you'll be able to make a deal with the brothers: you won't tell anybody that they're necromancers, and they'll tell you who G.B.'s Ring belongs to. For that case they'll call on the spirit of their father, and he'll tell you that G.B. is Gilbert Bates.

If you don't want to strike a deal with the Schuylers, or if you have Magnus in your group, then you'll have to fight. The Schuyler brothers aren't very powerful, and they should be easy to defeat. To get the information you need, you'll have to pick up the key from Winston's corpse and then use it to open the filing cabinets (#3). In one you should find a telegram from Benjamin Bates commissioning a ring for his son Gilbert. You'll need to read the telegram to complete the quest.

If you have Magnus with you, you can get a fate point from the encounter. Listen to what the Schuylers have to say, and then agree to make a deal with them. Magnus will, of course, object. Ask him to think about it, but then agree to attack. When you kill the Schuylers you'll gain a fate point.

Regardless of how you find out about Gilbert Bates, you'll receive 2000 experience.

3 - Filing Cabinets


A. Ladder to the surface.
B. Exit between the first two levels.
C. Exit between the second two levels.




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